Mohawk highly respected dreams, and the Mohawk people
thought that dreams were the wishes of the soul. They believed these dreams had to be fulfilled, and also believed that anything a person dreamed would happen to them.
At festivals people played games at guessing dreams and fulfilling them. An example is: Maybe you dreamed you had lost at a lacrosse match. One person would have his/her friend play the game – have the friend win – so you would not lose at a large lacrosse match. The Mohawk Tribe made dream catchers for children and married adults to catch bad dreams and to let good dreams in. Dreams could be used to heal people, and the Mohawk believed that injuries and sickness were caused by physical things. Also, they might be caused by bad spirits and witchcraft.Some people came together to form societies that would drive away these spirits. The most famous is called the False Face Society. The False Face society carved our wooden masks with frightening or odd expressions to scare away bad spirits, and a different medicine society wore cornhusk masks that are called ‘bushy head’ and ‘fuzzy hair’ masks.
The False Face Society was believed to set broken bones, keep wounds clean, and cure lots of diseases with herbs and/or roots. Jesuit priests visiting the Mohawk wrote in diaries of how well they worked as healers, too. The Mohawk believed if a sick person had dream, this dream should be acted out, and that person would be healed. People paid societies in food, but the False Face Society preferred a certain type of pudding, while some societies preferred soup. Sometimes the person that the society had healed would learn to be a healer and possibly work in that society.
First, the society began carving masks. If a mask was carved in morning, it was painted red. If a mask was begun in afternoon, it was painted black. Then the whole society would go to the patients longhouse, and they yelled, scraped rattles on walls, and frequently ran around to scare away the bad spirits. If it was a wound the patient had, the society would keep it clean, and try to heal it. If it was a sickness the patient had, the society would boil herbs and/or roots, and also try to cure it. Afterwards, the Society would ask the patient if they had dreams. If they did, they would act the dream out to cure the patient, and would smoke offerings of tobacco to have the good spirits help in the curing of the patient. If the patient was cured, the patient would pay the Society, and/or
become a member of it.

This is a False Face.